Melanie Auld Jewelry

Our daughter Ella is turning 6 in July, but because one of her best friends is always gone in the summer she wanted to have her birthday early. I thought it would be the final push I would need to finish our new studio, you know, set a date that you couldn't change so that all the little things that might take forever wouldn't. We had a really small party, just 6 of her closest friends. She requested a polar bear & unicorn birthday, gotta love originality. Unicorn stuff, easy to find, Polar Bears, not so much. We had our insanely talented...

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  My good friend Cara Jourdan and I started talking about launching another jewelry collection together late last year. We worked so hard coming up with a stunning and wearable collection, no detail was over looked. Once the samples were finished we knew we had to shoot it in Hawaii! Between the beaches, mountains and stunning foliage there was no lack of backdrop. We hiked to waterfalls, trekked across beaches and explored caves! Allison Kuhl photographed everything for us and she did an INSANE job. Both Cara and I feel very strongly about travel and adventure, it keeps life fun and allows people to...

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1. Melanie Auld, Pave Fan Hoops, 2. Kayu, Piñata Tote, 3. Melanie Auld, Double Braided Choker, 4. Marysia Swim, Antibes Bikini, 5. Melanie Auld, Circle Stacking Ring, 6. Valia Gabriel, Lia Sandal, 7. XiRENA, Willah Wrap Skirt, 8. Melanie Auld, Teardrop Pendant, 9. Loup Charmant, Tripoli Dress, 10. Janessa Leone, Calla Black.

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