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MAJ Piercing Party

When: October 23rd
Where: 1575 W 6th Ave., Vancouver (our boutique!)
All studs have been sterilized, autoclaved, and packaged specifically for piercing. Piercings are done with a 20 gauge hypodermic and sterilized needle. For this reason, we cannot do piercings with previously purchased studs.
Please note that our stud pricing for  piercing is inclusive of the autoclaving process that ensures your piercing units are sanitized and safe for piercing.
Use the appointment booker below to book an appointment (at the bottom of this page).
Please note that appointments are mandatory.
What studs can I get pierced with?
You can shop a selection of 14k gold studs available for purchase at our boutique. These studs have been sterilized, autoclaved, and packaged specifically for piercing. Please note that not all of our studs are available for piercings. See below for all available options.
Can I get pierced with hoops?
We will only pierce with 14k solid gold studs as this is best practice for new piercings.
What can I get pierced?
You can choose any spot on your ear lobe to have pierced!
Will you pierce children?
We will pierce children ages 14 and over. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian to sign for them. The parent or guardian must have I.D proving that they are the legal guardian.
Do I need to bring my I.D?
Yes! Everyone must have valid government issued I.D present, regardless of age.
Can the piercer say "no" to a piercing?
Our piercer will not pierce those who are pregnant or nursing, under the influence, those under the age of 14, or those who are not accompanied by a legal guardian (if under the age of 18). Our piercer reserves the right to deny any piercings or piercing placement as they see fit.