Jillian Harris- JHxMA

The inspiration behind our summer love collection are those meaningful relationships ,we as women, all have. Whether its best friends, mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, we wanted to create a collection that celebrates those personal connections and provides you with daily reminders.
Jillian and I have designed some really fun and classic pieces with a little modern twist. Jillian brings that girly, pretty, loveable vibe and I think for me it was about taking that and infusing a bit of a modern edge. 
All our pieces are brass based with 14kt gold plating. Moonstone, turquoise and pink opal stones mix beautifully with pave and heart detailing.  
Meant to be layered and lived in.
In an effort to give back, we are donating $3.50 for every piece of jewelry sold to A Better Life Foundation.  Which is the cost of a meal.  Buy a piece of jewelry and feel good about helping to feed someone who needs it. 

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